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TICKS and  FLEAS thrive well and very prolific in a warm and humid climate as in Malaysia. They pose threats to pets as well as people. Knowing some key facts below and start off control and early prevention will be beneficial to both your pets and you.


 dogs ear ticks
Ticks are blood-sucking parasites that attach themselves to pets and even Humans. Once attached to a host for more than 48 hours, ticks feed voraciously. As they feed, ticks can transmit a large number of tick borne illnesses, including Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis. Skin wounds caused by ticks can lead to secondary bacterial infections. Severe tick infestations can lead to anaemia and even death.
Engorged female ticks feeding on host
engorged tick
Female ticks laying eggs
ticks laying eggs
There are so many species of ticks in the world, but only a few cause major problems to humans and pets. The ticks that create health concerns are all controllable by FRONTLINE® and are listed here. FRONTLINE® products carry a reliable claim for efficacy against all life stages of four major ticks which are Brown Dog Tick, American Dog Tick, Deer Tick and Lone Star Tick. Brown dog tick is the only species of tick that is present in Malaysia and it poses deadly treat to our pets because it is the intermediate host for blood parasites such as Babesia spp. and Ehrlichia spp.
Tick species develops via four stages: eggs, larva, nymph and adult stages. Each active stage seeks a new host (animal to feed on) and then drop off to develop in a protected area in the immediate environment. So, all tick life stages can be found around the house, such as cracks in flooring, kennel walls and gardens.