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RECOMBITEK® – designed to provide exceptional protection against Distemper, Parvovirus, Coronavirus , Parainfluenza virus, Adenovirus and Leptospirosis

Unparalled protection and unsurpassed safety with exclusive recombinant technology

RECOMBITEK® is the world’s only vaccine for distemper, with advanced recombinant technology. Contrary to other vaccines in the market, RECOMBITEK® does not use live distemper virus, thus removing all possibilities of post-vaccinal encephalitis, reversion to virulence or viral shedding.

Uncompromised protection and security with exclusive Strategic Enteric Protection

RECOMBITEK® is the only vaccine that provides Strategic Enteric Protection through its perfect association of live attenuated coronavirus with potentiated parvovirus. Therefore, RECOMBITEK® protects both young and adult animals which have an epidemiological risk of more severe cases of parvovirus associated with the appearance of coronavirus.

The name of Recombitek® is derived from Recombinant Technology. Recombinant Technology in vaccination had been used with far-ranging success for the control of human diabetes, hepatitis and under clinical trial for human AIDS vaccines. It is the most advanced technology with unrivalled safety for human vaccine.

Recombitek® Canine Distemper (rCDV) is manufactured under this advanced and remarkable technology. Recombinant CDV vaccine is made by inserting the specific fragment of DNA protein from CDV(canine distemper virus) into a canarypox vector virus ( a type of virus which is not harmful to dogs, cats and even human) to provide stronger and faster immunity. The vaccine is not made from whole virus, therefore it definitely will not cause the disease. Recombinant technology had been introduced in veterinary medicine in order to bring vaccination into safer ground with better protection against fatal disease in dogs.

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