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DAILY CATCH for Dogs with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil   arrow

  • DAILY CATCH for Dogs is a natural source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health. The Wild Alaskan Salmon is from fresh Alaskan waters.
  • DAILY CATCH can be used as a motivational training treat.
  • Each treat is a bone-shaped, semi-moist treat that is easy to administer.
  • DAILY CATCH is very affordable and guaranteed for 100% palatability.


  • Getting omega-3 fatty acids from fish!
  • Supplies omega 3 fatty acids in particular EPA and DHA – the right omega-3 fatty acids for skin, coat, and the overall health of your dog. Plant-based omega-3 fatty acids must be converted by your dog’s body prior to use. This conversion is very inefficient and may result in just a little of the fatty acids being actually metabolized. Dog’s metabolize fish oil nutrients immediately without any need for conversion.