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Vegetarian Treats for Dogs (is now available in Pet Shops and Veterinary Clinics!)

Like a mini salad in every bite, GARDEN BITES bring the healthy benefits from the garden to your pet!

GARDEN BITES for Dogs is:

  • Made with real vegetables and fruits that naturally contain anti-oxidants to support overall health.
  • Wheat-free & corn-free!
  • Free of animal proteins
  • Delicious – Over 90% of dogs tested loved the taste
  • Great as a training treat
  • No added fillers

GARDEN BITES for Dogs contains:

  • Broccoli powder as a source of anti-oxidants
  • Carrot powder, a a source of beta-carotene and vitamin C
  • Flax seed for omega 3 fatty acids
  • Garlic for anti-microbial support and detoxification
  • Kelp to support detoxification
  • Spinach a source of anti-oxidants and chlorophyll

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