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Vetri-Science®  Laboratories of  Vermont is the leader in animal supplement industry. Complementing our close relationships with veterinarians, Vetri-Science® is continually utilizing Veterinarian’s feedback and developing exceptional new products to meet their needs. We are dedicated to continuing research and furthering education of professionals and consumers alike.

Look out for the NASC quality seal


As part of its ongoing effort to  improve and standardize the animal supplement industry, NASC initiated its Quality Seal Program. The seal is an assurance for consumers to know that when they buy the product, they are buying from a reputable manufacturer that has successfully completed a facility audit to ensure conformance with quality system requirements.

Our Best Seller:

1) Vetri-DMG (Pure N,N-Dimethylglycine): Supports immune system health and methylation process that produce bodily substances like neurotransmitters, hormones, bodily fluids and lymphocytes.

vetri dmg vet dmg tab

2) Glyco-Flex®: Vetri-Science® Laboratories is renowned for joint health support category.


3) Canine-Plus™: Multivitamin/mineral formula that comes in beef and chicken flavored, chewable tablets.


4) Composure™ Chew: Ideal choice for dog calming support. Recommended for dogs/cats exposed to increased environmental stressors.


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